Providing Help to Generate Leads

Our site for Oldcastle’s buildingsolutions.com puts helping first in an online magazine targeted to construction professionals. Each article has an associated content giveaway site visitors can download by providing their credentials. Helpful for site visitors, lead generating for Oldcastle – strategic marketing at its best.

Creating a New Brand

Longview Fibre invented a new series of recycled oil and grease resistant paper with up to 70% recycled fiber. We were amazed and got to work creating a new brand — logo, tagline and brand guidelines. Now when we see 20% recycled paper holding our deli sandwiches we don’t ask why, we ask why not nViro™ OGR?

Say What?

When Longview was ready to launch a new print campaign, we dove deep. nViro™ OGR paper is used to serve pastries, deli items, hot dogs and more. So we looked for an analogy that would allow us to deliver nViro™ OGR benefits. The double entendre headline and the striking image of a delectable burger generate curiosity that drives the reader into the copy. And yes, the burger was delicious.

Emphasizing the Impact of a Purchase Decision

When your career is riding on the strength of product packaging, you need to think twice about your packaging partner. This ad for KapStone brings the point home with visual impact.

Can You Say Pretty in Pink?

Making fresh meat appealing at the grocer can be challenging, and that’s where Longview steak papers come in. Designed to maintain their look when wet, the papers ensure a great product presentation. Our team leveraged the benefit using the borrowed interest headline and a fun 3D modeled visual to add stopping power and differentiation in industry publications. And the pig did say wee, wee, wee all the way home!


You Went Right to What?

Invent a lock that uses words instead of numbers and our creative team has a lot of room to play. Our TV spot keeps the focus on the product but has some fun in the storytelling. And we can already tell your mind is going places it shouldn’t!


Imagine What You Can Do

Listening is a powerful tool. Rather than seeing a product, architects said they like seeing what a product can do. We agree. So we created this ad featuring the dramatic Perot Museum in Dallas.

Stopping Power With Visual Metaphor

Holcim cement makes runways run. So our team decided to utilize an unexpected visual metaphor and double entendre headline to stop readers and make our case.

Are Conditions Right To Pour Concrete?

Contractors and builders worldwide can get a four day evaporation rate forecast and daily detailed weather information with a recommendation on whether the pouring conditions are optimal or will produce specific problems. WeatherAPP is available on iTunes.

Buying Mortar? Think Color

Did you know most mortar is gray? The world of mortar is full of color if you choose Holcim Rainbow™ Masonry mortar. We created this app to make it easy for builders, contractors and homeowners to experiment with mortar color against different brick colors, then send their selection to their respective brick yard, builder or architect. The Rainbow Masonry Designer is available on iTunes.


Look Younger & See What Happens

How do you reposition a classic brand? You start with the end — what’s the ultimate benefit of using anti-aging cream? We decided to let the world find out.

Life Giving You Wrinkles?

Where do wrinkles come from? We took the stress points of life and created a digital advice column, with a humorous twist in this digital and social campaign.

Advice In Your Inbox

Part of our inbound marketing campaign, our Wrinkle Relief Tips newsletter sends insight on improving the look of your skin with valuable sales offers.


A Brand For An Experience

With a brand mission to celebrate the artisan craft cocktail culture, our team named the new company, created the logo, the tagline “Live the Life” and the brand look. We also developed a propensity for brainstorming meetings over craft cocktails. We created this stop motion animation ad to drive awareness of Cocktail Town’s stylish glassware collection.

Love The Cocktail Culture?

Celebrating the handcrafted cocktail culture, we built this commerce site to manage over 200 SKUs of glassware, accessories and mixers along with how-to recipe videos. The robust Magento CMS with a customized admin panel allows for easy updates and promotion management.

HotSpots and Their Cocktails

Cocktailtown.com features overviews of the city’s best venues. In addition, you can learn how to make their craft cocktails from the mixologists who make them every day.

Find The Best Cocktails In San Francisco

Researching the best cocktail venues in San Francisco is tough work. Yeah right, we jumped at the chance. This beautiful book showcases 27 of the top venues with a recipe from each. And yes, after the third sampling we did take short cocktail naps.

Building Awareness Online

Utilizing psychographically and demographically targeted sites and social platforms, our display ad campaigns, along with SEM and SEO, work to build awareness and drive site visits.


Every Programmer’s Dream

When Embarcadero asked us for a campaign for their 90 city tour for RadStudioXE3, we looked to the product benefits for inspiration. What better way to illustrate productivity than through cloning? The campaign included several videos, print and online banners. We’re working on the actual cloning process now.

Music To Their Ears

Embarcadero’s FireMonkey software allows developers to write in one authoring language and easily recompile into others. Our campaign highlights the code-once benefit, which every developer rejoices over.


Teaching Kindness In Context

Kaiser Permanente, one of the top health insurers in the U.S. asked us to help teach their vast workforce how to provide equitable health care to their transgender patients. We saw the challenge began with creating empathy in the learner for both the patient and the medical staff. Our learning team developed a unique creative approach with sound instructional design to accomplish the mission. Interested? Contact us for more information.