Story is the perfect package of ideas wrapped with emotion.

Story catalyzes the development of affinity, the examination of behavior, the understanding of motives, and the ability to have new experiences through the experiences of others.

Crafting the Story for our Clients

What’s the Word?

Storytelling is its own language. It’s a language we practice in the advertising, marketing and learning experiences we create using a process we call Clever Relevance™. Our TV spot for Wordlock showcases its implementation in advertising.

more than one way to get INK’d

This video, part of a learning curriculum on data privacy uses Clever Relevance™ to educate.

quest for perfection

Strategic use of visual techniques supports storytelling. In this ad for we utilize stop motion to convey the variety of glassware on

Who is Ricochet Partners? We are story crafters working across the panoply of media disciplines to bring just the right story to achieve your objectives with your audiences.
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