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the power of story to influence, persuade,
educate and convert our clients’ audiences.
Creating the Best Story Telling it Well
Stories are the perfect package of ideas wrapped with emotion. We love wrapping

Crafting a Twist for Memorability

The perfect marriage of strategic positioning and creative implementation, this ad campaign for DensDeck® Prime Roof Board nuances a proverbial cultural phrase to sell the product segment in the headline, while playing on the word ‘cover’ to present product benefits uniquely. The rooftop “covers” provide significant extensibility, keeping the campaign fresh and enabling full coverage of all the product’s benefits. The campaign is extended into digital, trade shows, social and list and account based marketing.

Our Clever Relevance™ process ensures creative is brand, messaging and strategy aligned to optimize impact.
Story catalyzes the development of affinity creating optimal conditions for behavior shifts.

Setting an All-Time Attendance Record

The name of the game in marketing destination experiences is in the numbers. Successfully drawing visitors through the gates is the KPI of success. Our print, digital, outdoor, and radio campaign helped Conner Prairie have the best attendance ever for this annual event.

Story provides multilayered messaging through characters’ dialogue and subtext in expressly designed situations that incite intended logical and emotional reactions.

Putting Architects on the Job Site

An ongoing challenge for architects is maintaining their design intent from inception through construction. In this ad, we connect the control they have in their design stage with the control of their design on the job site—when they use DensElement® Barrier System. The headline reinforces the successful implementation of their design vision.

Story allows audiences to have new experiences through the experiences of others.

What’s the Word?

Storytelling is its own language. It’s a language we practice in the advertising, marketing and learning experiences we create using a process we call Clever Relevance™. Our TV spot for Wordlock showcases its implementation in advertising.

more than one way to get INK’d

This video, part of a learning curriculum on data privacy uses Clever Relevance™ to educate.

Who is Ricochet Partners? We are story crafters working across the panoply of media disciplines to bring just the right story to achieve your objectives with your audiences.
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