Attracted to the Pure

Blog 01 Attracted

Ding! Another email arrives in my inbox. I quickly open it and find a friend has sent a YouTube video showing a cat playing the violin with a tiny bow. After wondering whether the bow is an authentic cat gut bow and how the cat feels about it, I give in to my curiosity and watch. I laugh, I feel warmed, I forward it to my friends. Not unlike millions of others, these breaks of tenderness in an otherwise dog eat dog world, breach even the toughest heart. Why? Sure they’re cute, but there’s a lot of cute out there that doesn’t stir the happy genes. Could it be that we are so surrounded by farce in our culture that the interjection of something honest and pure refreshes our sense of well-being? Unencumbered from ulterior motives, could these brief moments of reality remind us goodness exists? The smile, the laugh that is generated is the same laugh we had when we were kids marveling at the leap of a bullfrog in the pond at the park. It is the permission-free natural reaction we don’t often allow ourselves in daily life. It is a recognition that we have retained a portion of wonder. And that is a tremendously encouraging thing to find out about oneself. For wonder truly is in short supply.


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