When Your Execs Don’t Believe in Marketing

Blogpost Oceancompass

You’re in a new job so you’re extra diligent. You’ve developed a solid strategic marketing plan to achieve business objectives. You’ve socialized your plan cross-functionally and you’re sure it’s going to be approved by the executive team. The mind rip that happens as you present, make your case, and slowly discover the complete lack of belief in everything you’ve put together is enough to send even the most seasoned marketer packing. But a stop at HR with your resignation doesn’t have to be your next move.

In a series of ongoing posts, we’ll present some tips for helping you shift the unbelieving mindset you’re facing, using proven marketing science and psychology. Let’s start with Tip No. 1 “The Customer is Always Right”.

Even if your manager or executive board doesn’t believe in marketing, utilize what they do believe in – customers. Develop a competitive brand perception survey and conduct it among your company’s customers, prospects and vendors. But don’t stop there – survey your internal stakeholders as well. Let the data speak. Is there a disconnect between what your market ecosystem believes your brand stands for and how it ranks against competitors and what your internal stakeholders believe your ecosystem believes? That data provided ‘gap’, is your opportunity to demonstrate the need for marketing to align the desired perception of your brand with the perception of the marketplace. As we all know, brand perception determines entry into the consideration set influencing probability of purchase.

And there it is, marketing supporting sales for increased revenue. Now you’re speaking a language every executive understands.


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