CGI is Just Hitting its Stride Part 2

Vein Rndr2

The impact of CGI and computer modeling in general has been enormous on the world of Marketing and Communication, Manufacturing, and, more recently, Learning. It fosters understanding where conventional tools fall short, bringing even the mysterious into sharp focus. One can only imagine where this will take us in the future.

Industries Affected. Manufacturing. CGI provides prototyping without the material and tooling expense of a physical prototype. Affords the potential for a full complement of feature set options with virtual ease. A product line that is primarily available in the online market can be produced and inventoried based on that very online activity which has the potential for immediate measurable data. 3D Printing from 3D models has extended its reach into automotive parts, fashion accessories and has even produced 3D printed organs for transplants into humans.

Fashion. Now you can see what a particular item(s) will look like on the customer in any color or size available in any combination. A virtual ensemble is a cakewalk with CGI and accessorizing is routine.

Building and Real Estate. An animated 3D model can take you on a virtual tour of a property anywhere in the world even before the actual build exists without ever leaving home. 3d modeling can precipitate advance sales opportunities before one nail has been hit, one foot of concrete poured. At a fractjon of the cost and long before a model home can be built a 3D model can demonstrate the benefits of any living experience complete with fully lifelike materials all the way from fixtures, surface treatments, landscaping and even environment down to the most minute detail. Even more amazing are those possibilities for actual fabrication of affordable housing by way of 3D printing as demonstrated in this video:

Education and Instruction. Especially effective for visualization of subject matter that involves extremes of scale. Everything from cosmic proportions to the nano scale of microbiology can be represented with a limitless degree of mobility, affording a fully comprehensive examination and fostering understanding that any course of instruction can only aspire toward. Concepts that are otherwise challenging to convey can effectively be communicated with surprising clarity and imagination. 3D animation can offer fully comprehensive instruction on virtually any subject, everything from how to frame a wall to the wonders of arthroscopic surgery. The degree of complexity one can hope to address is limited only by how much time and resources one might commit to a comprehensive 3D model.


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