Creating a Lead Generation Engine

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There’s nothing more helpful than having a problem and finding unexpected help solving it. In the construction industry, whether you’re in need of a new building technique, product, or process – the right advice can save you time and money, not to mention competitive advantage. We recently built and launched for Oldcastle entirely focused on providing solutions for architects, owners, builders and contractors.

From collaborating with our client on the vision to translating that vision into a living, breathing site – our team completed the web development in record time. With pertinent insights on construction techniques, new products, business issues and more, integrates strategic marketing with a singular focus – helping target audiences do their jobs better. Research into the audiences’ pain points provides relevant content topics. We developed an editorial calendar, publication style, to develop timely and pertinent content suited to each audience segment. Each article has an associated eBook, guide, whitepaper or checklist providing additional valued content for the audience while providing a lead collection mechanism. The site is integrated with HubSpot for marketing automation of collected leads.

One key feature of the site is the integration of blog posts from Oldcastle thought leaders. Targeted to specific topics and audiences, these blog posts leverage the extensive specialized knowledge reservoirs of respected Oldcastle leaders. These insights inform and guide site visitors, providing them the opportunity to benefit from credentialed experts. The posts contribute to supporting Oldcastle’s industry thought leadership objectives.

On the spectrum of content marketing integration, is the full monty. With a 100% focus on providing value-added content, the site elevates helping target audiences as the primary objective. Doing that objective correctly, naturally produces qualified leads. And that, as a purist content marketer, is the intent of the discipline.


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