Learning Partner Search? Ask These 15 Questions

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When you go into a new restaurant you expect some basics – tables, chairs, a menu, a waiter, and of course food and drink. The brilliant folks at McKinsey & Company classified those as ‘antes’ in their brand differentiation matrix a few years back. Antes are features that are important to the intended audience but are provided by all competitors, in a competitively similar way. In the learning development discipline, a few antes might include sound instructional design, rapid development competencies, and solid project management. But as you may know, the McKinsey matrix also defines ‘Drivers’ as features which are important to the intended audience yet are ‘highly differentiated’ from competitors. So what are these drivers in the learning development discipline?

We contend that creative capabilities are one of the key Drivers providing differentiation in the field of learning. Creative has the potential for not only elevating the course experience, but aiding in content assimilation, retention and application. But just how do you effectively evaluate the creative capabilities of a potential learning vendor?

We’ve compiled an interview guide to help. “15 Questions for Assessing a Training Vendor’s Creative Capabilities” not only provides you the questions, but gives you answers to look for to help you evaluate creative competencies. Checking the box on the ‘antes’ is important, but for truly dynamic courses your training partner needs more. You need the creative multiplier that drives differentiation – not only for your vendor, but for the courses you develop with them. Download our guide today at www.ricochetpartners.com/guide


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