Brands are living creatures. They are a dynamic, evolving human aggregate adapting to changing environments and competitive challenges. By developing authentic stories using Clever Relevance™, we help brands stimulate and deepen audience relationships.

From brand development and rebranding, to campaigns, web initiatives, PR and content marketing – we ensure your brand stories drive engagement.


Strategy is the foundation for all our development. Strategic positioning helps our stories break-through, as it did with this ad for KapStone Paper & Packaging.

kapstone paper: “lighten up” print advertisement

Imagine if each letter you mailed had an envelope that was so heavy you had to add an extra stamp to mail it. You’d be looking for a new envelope solution quickly! Today’s companies face the same challenge when shipping tons of their products. Traditional packaging causes shipping costs to tip the scales. KapStone Paper’s innovative engineers created next generation industry-leading board grades which maintain ECT specifications for strength, while drastically reducing weight. This leads to lower cost for shippers, and a solid sustainability story. The industry category for this new papermaking process is ‘Lightweighting’.

KapStone Paper’s desired to stake a leadership position in the new Lightweighting category. Our creative team researched category competitors, isolated their positioning, and crafted a solid Creative Strategy. First, we selected a target focused strategic positioning that was brand aligned and would allow our creative to occupy a unique, unchallenged position in the targets’ minds. Our team ideated on concepts which would support that positioning and the single sentence from our creative brief.

Our ideation focused on creative that would have visual stopping power to make the point quickly. The marriage of our custom 3D illustrated visual and call to action double entendre headline perfectly accomplished KapStone’s goal. The concept also allowed for extensibility – multiple concepts utilizing the same structural creative approach. With 3D modeling and illustration in-house, our team was able to deliver a breakthrough ad in the category quickly and efficiently.


Fighting for mind share among the anti-aging skin care giants takes a strategic sling and stone. We found just the right ones for eb5.

EB5: Don't Play Fair Campaign

The anti-aging women’s skin care category is an extremely competitive place to play. The spend on a market leader’s celebrity endorsement alone handily exceeds multi-year marketing budgets of niche brands. So how do you break-through? Our team explored positioning that was brand aligned but differentiated in the market. While the majority of brands occupy features and benefits positioning, showcasing their latest breakthrough ingredient innovation, we decided to zag.

With a combination of target driven and aspirational positioning, we focused on the reason women use anti-aging products – to look younger. One of the benefits of looking younger is the demographic it places you in socially. Take a few years off your look, and look appealing to men a few years young too. With that strategic focus, our team ideated a series of ideations to develop a campaign of diverse women looking fresh and young despite their age along with their younger partners.

With women’s magazines dominated by the leading brands, running glossy celebrity laden ads, we decided we need to visually stand apart. We created black and white ads in a full color world, with just the product and product logo in color. This stark look enabled the ads to pop out of the sea of sameness, capture interest and drive online channel and retail sales. We leveraged the campaign in digital advertising, on the web site, point of sale and in content marketing efforts.

Our efforts led to a 316% increase in online/MOTO sales and a 418% increase in brick and mortar distribution.


The challenge of creative is to transform complexity down to a single, memorable campaign that has high impact and memorability. Just like what we did for TE Connectivity.

TE Connectivity: we’re here campaign

When you make hundreds of products that contribute to the functionality of other products across vertical industries, it’s difficult to communicate the breadth of your impact. That was just the challenge TE Connectivity brought to Ricochet to raise awareness about their tubing. Our strategic approach began with determining the best positioning for the message. We selected a Competitive positioning allowing TE to claim their proper place in the market due to their breadth and depth. Our team ideated within this positioning and the single sentence construct.

Rather than focus on the technology, the volume, the installation, availability or other feature or benefit, we chose to present the diversity of products TE enables with their tubing. This focus on the end product, by category, helped deliver the message profoundly. The ideations not only include the airplane you see here, but extends to imagery displaying a bra on a clothesline, hair extensions, washing machines, cars and more – all with the campaign theme “We’re Here”. Simplicity and a strong visual convention deliver the message clearly and memorably on the web, in emails and banner ads.


Not every business problem results in the same application of a marketing discipline. For Oldcastle, we developed the ultimate content marketing vehicle – an online magazine.

oldcastle building products: brand & online presence

When we take on a challenge we apply marketing strategy full tilt to accomplish our clients’ objectives. Our challenge? Determine the best way tohelp Oldcastle, the largest manufacturer of building materials in NorthAmerica, create a more direct connection with the end-user customers and prospects - creating new relationships and deepen existing ones. Our team knew content marketing would be the perfect solution, but their ingenuity was in how best to apply it.

We recommended content marketing on steroids – an online magazine providing answers and insights to architects, general contractors, builders, and contractors to help them in their evaluation of products, building techniques, innovations and more. We designed and built the magazine with freely accessible high-value articles. Each article has an associated information rich eBook, infographic, report, or other desirable content which can be accessed by providing contact information. It is the perfect combination of free content and gated content for lead generation.

We named the site and secured the domain name extremely cost effectively. Using site branding, we created an email template for inbound marketing efforts promoting site content and offers to drive traffic back to the site. In site content banner ads for content downloads, assist in driving site visitors to content that converts visitors to leads.

The site has succeeded as a lead generation mechanism, in addition, within the first month after launch, a very large sale was secured as a result of a prospect’s interaction with the site. And Oldcastle has a premier independent, marketing team operated content generation program yielding tremendous business benefits.


Communicating good for you with Clever Relevance™ puts finger wagging out of work.

Wonder Drink: Taking Strategic Advantage of the Wonder

For a beverage that has so many health benefits, it was surprising Wonder Drink didn’t have a brand anthem – that consolidating tag line that sings the brand song. Recognizing the power in the product name, we leveraged it to lay down a tagline with duality - a call to action which simultaneously delivers the product benefit – Know Wonder.

As Kombucha Wonder Drink planned to introduce new flavors into mainstream grocery and convenience stores, Ricochet gave their cans and bottles a fresh, clean look while still maintaining brand consistency. Bold design and vibrant colors resulted in a packaging that pops off the shelf. Copy points teach consumers the benefits of kombucha tea with our clever new tagline “Know Wonder” to create intrigue and invite purchase. A redesign of Wonder Drink 14 oz. bottles, including renaming their flavors to help simplify choice for consumers, created a consistent look across the entire product line. The accompanying sell sheet was a key tool in helping get Wonder Drink onto the shelves of leading grocery and convenience outlets.

Building on the Know Wonder premise, we created advertising utilizing a combination features and benefit and target driven positioning. By isolating common lifestyle activities, we created a connection point with our target audiences to allow Wonder Drink to enter into their consideration set. Simple, straight to the point and smile generating, the ads leverage our Know Wonder tagline while highlighting a key product benefit. The visual design draws the eye and delivers at a glance messaging.

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