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Digital Suite

We bring unprecedented value to the final screen due to the flexibility of our in-house post production suite for editing, color grading and visual effects.

While accessibility to high-end post production equipment has increased, it has simultaneously become more technically sophisticated and complicated to execute. We successfully navigate that technological minefield bringing affordability to advanced production quality. With a thorough grasp of the hundreds of available codecs and modern workflows, we utilize any viable tool, from a top of the line Arri Alexa to a smartphone.

We strongly believe that leveraging humans’ emotional connection to color aids in creating the best story and telling it well. We use the latest DaVinci Resolve color correction software, and Euphonix MC Color control surface for precision control.


Ricochet has been a combination agency and production company since our inception in 2005.

With the equipment and production mastery born from experience, we produce and output media for all platforms. As production and editing is an ever evolving discipline, we are constantly upgrading our systems to bring the best to bear on every project. We are experts at every step of modern high end post workflow. Enhancing storytelling with high-end color grading and digital effects allows creative flexibility, blurring real life with digital life. With a comprehensive set of digital tools and facilities at our fingertips, we pull the right approach for each project’s needs.


Our in-house digital media suite, coupled with years of experience producing, directing and crewing across media formats brings you a turnkey production solution.

Due to our in-house production services, you don’t need a separate production company for your project. We eliminate pass-through mark-ups and duplicated production management while allowing our marketing team to maintain oversight on all development. Our full production services include film/video, animation, high-end color grading, video compositing, video editing, audio production, music production and format conversions for online, broadcast, and live presentation. A small shooting stage is available for still and small video shoots. Let us help you maximize your production budget.

Who is Ricochet Partners? We are story crafters working across the panoply of media disciplines to bring just the right story to achieve your objectives with your audiences.
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